Customizable Organic Latex Layers

Each sleeper chooses their own firmness

100% Certified Organic grown by organic farmers

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Our Conscious Beds

We are here to bring to you the most conscious beds on the Planet! 

We are conscious about the Planet we live on.  The toxins of petroleum based chemicals as well as other chemicals that are in other mattresses, wreak havoc upon our precious Planet Earth and our bodies.  Our beds are YOUR beds.  We created our beds the way our Creator had intended, with a conscious mind, to make mattresses with pure Earth materials.  


By sleeping on our consciously created beds, you are not only sleeping your way to health with the best sleep ever, you will rest peacefully knowing that you are consciously doing something great for the Planet.  Therefore, leaving a better place for your children and grandchildren. 

 Invest in YOU. Invest in YOUR health, invest in THEIR futures.  Sleeping organic is priceless and life changing!   

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Our Mission & Special Savings

As if this is not enough,  By investing in our Conscious  Beds, you will be helping our mission of the Rainbow Warriors (from the Cree Indians: the Destroyers of the Destroyers of the Planet)   We will be donating 1% to the Conscious Creation Retreats Fiji to fulfill our mission for a clean and toxic free planet!  How awesome will you feel just knowing that  YOU helped to make a difference in the health of OUR Precious Planet?   

It gets better!  By investing in your conscious bed today through midnight you get Free Ground Shipping and 2 Free 100% Certified Organic, Shredded Rubber Pillows,  The Time Is NOW!  Invest in YOUR health...NOW!

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